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We were founded on September 1, 1992 with the mission to form a technical distributorship for the sale of metal cutting tools to the American Manufacturer and to provide the high quality cutting tools and expertise to make sure manufacturing stayed the backbone of the American economy. We used to supply metal products like car end mills and inserts, deburring tools. Even toolholders for industrial and scientific research.

Over the years, we have moved away from metal tools manufacturing and instead focused on silicone supply chain. We manufacture 100% silicone, and now have built partnerships with specialized companies internationally that have a heavy use of this material. Instead we are the supplier one of the biggest teledildonics company located in Hong Kong.

Our new silicone products now include:

Our set of clients include the following companies:

Our biggest clients are Venus, Ohmibod, Lovense, We-Vibe, Lelo, Fifty Shades of Grey, B-Vibe, Dr Skin, Adam & Eve, Femme Fun, Fetish Fantasy, Cocolicious, Cal exotics, and Love Honey.

Quality Corps, Inc. makes sure that silicone shipments to them are made in time on weekly basis. In order to get more information on silicone based vibrator products, a good site to visit is remote.toys. We supply Epoxy Putties and Skin Safe materials, which are water-proof and completely safe for touch with the human skin.

Quality Corps, Inc. is ISO 9001 certified and one of the top rubber extrusion manufactures with expertise in rubber and silicone extrusions.

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